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Monday, January 25, 2021
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2021 Emmaus

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 January 2021:
A message regarding Emmaus Gatherings:
Happy New Year....or what we've been not so affectionately been dubbing the 13th month of 2020.  Last year I was going to put out a blessings jar so that I could go back through and read the blessings of the year and I could kick myself for not doing that because while the year was dark I know that there were abundant blessings in unexpected places.  How many of us faced and still face that roller coaster daily? Quite some time ago something happened while I was with my daughter and I really wanted to make sure that she knew that in times of trouble my foundation was firm and that I stood on that in action as well as in word.  She asked me how it was that I wasn't freaking out.  To be honest I was a little on the inside, but praying through it.  I told her that I was quite sure that the situation would work itself out, but that no matter what the sun would come up the next morning, God was still in His heavens and still King over all.  Knowing He is the beginning and the end comforts me and helps me to get through the middle.  It has become my mantra and I think my kids are sick of hearing it...but I hope in the future when they think of me they think of that and it helps them stay grounded in that same foundation even when it feels like everything is upside down.  I hope we are all recognizing those blessings in unexpected places even in shaky times.  
I know that we were all hoping that we would be back to normal by now, but unfortunately that's not the case.  With COVID cases spreading and some churches meeting while some churches not we are cancelling tonight's regularly scheduled gathering.  I am including links to both the Wants / Needs List for the upcoming Men's Walk as well as the Prayer Vigil and we encourage you to sign up for both.  If you have a specific prayer need that you would like covered please send a prayer request to
I know that there are those in the community that are currently battling COVID and those that are quarantined.  We have folks that have lost loved ones.  I would ask that we pray for those affected as well as everybody that has COVID fatigue.  Please pray for each other and for our community as a whole.  
We will keep you updated with regard to monthly gatherings.
God Bless,

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